About SCF

Founded 2005. Our charity funds airfares, medical tests and surgical operations for village children from Simbu Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to city and overseas hospitals. We source medical equipment for the Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Hospital in Kundiawa and support the Irugl Mother of Life Centre Orphanage located at the foot of Mt Wilhelm. The Foundation has no paid staff, this is a labour of love. The success of our projects is wholly reliant on our wonderful volunteers, supporters and donors throughout PNG and the world.


Initial letter from Jimmy Drekore – Introducing the concept of Simbu Children Foundation


Simbu Children Foundation is for the children of Simbu. Children are dying in our mountain villages from treatable illnesses like heart problems, kidney problems, bone problems etc but we are so busy in our own world that we do not have time to reflect on such matters. Surely one would say it’s not my problem, true but one of the greatest things you can do while you’re still alive is putting a smile on a dying kid’s face.


There are children who are sent back to the villages because there are no medications, because it’s too costly or because there are no specialist for operation etc. They are supplied basic prescription drugs such as pain killers but the real pain lingers in the eyes of the child and in the hearts of the parents. They turn back to the foggy mountains where some never come back. They are part of the history that exits silently out of this world.

Simbus you can stop this silent miseries because you have the potential to help. The little you give can make a lot of difference to someone’s life. One day you can sit back and be proud you are one of the pioneers of Simbu Children Foundation.
Simbus put your hearts together and let’s help these little angels. Simbu Children Foundation has the potential to unite all Simbus in all walks of life. No matter where you are on this planet you can contribute meaningfully to someone who is in need. Simbu is a small province and if we all come together you will be amazed at what you can create.


Our theme, Simbus helping Simbus is a very powerful tool. If one grasps it, it sends a message of hope, a message of self reliance, a message of working together, all for the benefit of Simbu. As a united Simbu we can be able to solve all our little tangles and troubles and our path to the future will no longer be climbing mountains but rather a straight walk.


Simbu, they say it’s mountainous, they say people are rough, they say there is no economic growth, they say infrastructure development is stagnant etc. Simbu has always been my pride for I know Simbu’s true potential. Images are created by man but reality comes from the heart. It is with this heart that we must stand firm and tall like Mt Wilhelm and show the world the true spirit of Simbu. The spirit that has being sleeping all these years.


Jimmy Drekore – Founder and President