Current active SCF teams

Team Lihir
Team Hides
Team Port Moresby
Team Simbu
Team Sydney
Team South East QLD
Team WA
Team Simberi
Team Ok Tedi
Team Divine Word University


If you want to join a existing team please email:


If there isn’t a team near you, create one and forward details your new team to the above email address.


Teams are autonomous for the most part, you choose what activities you would like to focus on. Some teams focus on one project only e.g. providing materials for Irugl Orphanage. Other teams are involved in a few SCF projects. Teams function independently during the year and deliver donated items personally or forward the items to Kundiawa for the SCF office and Team Simbu to organise delivery. The annual SCF Christmas Ball at the Mt Wilhelm Hotel is usually when Teams advise of funds raised during the year. Some Teams choose to purchase a table as a donation, so that children and parents who have been assisted by SCF can attend the evening.




– Seek volunteers for delegated positions (Treasurer, Team Leader, Secretary etc.)

– Secretary take notes of every meeting and write up formal Minutes and forward to every team member.

– Open a SCF account for your team. Must have minimum of two signatories for account (Treasurer and one other volunteer).

– Treasurer to track all donations, expenses, receipts, quotes etc

– Keep discussion to Meeting agenda items, members have family, study and work commitments.

– Plan your year of fundraising and events early on so all team members can prepare.

– Stick with it. Hurdles are there to be hurdled over. Where there is a will there is a way.

– Have fun and remember every contribution no matter how big or small to makes a huge difference to a suffering and disadvantaged child.


SCF acknowledges individuals who are not part of a SCF team but come forward from time to time to donate funds, advice or expertise.



cst1 Team South East Queensland
cst2 Team Sydney
cst3 Team Port Moresby
cst4 Team Divine Word University
ts Team Simberi
cst6 Team Western Australia