Jimmy’s Story



Our Inspirations – Beginnings and Vision of the foundation was established

“In November 2004 I was visiting my ill mother at Kundiawa Hospital when I met a little girl in the isolation ward who was hospitalized for 7 years due to a broken shin bone. She told me she didn’t have any “wasman” (carer) so I decided to be her “wasman” (carer). As I was with her I met other children who were also at the isolation ward. They all had various problems and it moved me to see them like that. I decided to visit these kids and spend time with them during my field break. My young family were very understanding. After my mother passed away, I made a promise to help the children of my Province” – Jimmy Drekore


The Foundation was established on 15 March 2005; just three (3) months after Jimmy met the little girl.


15 March 2005 – SCF founded by Jimmy Drekore (1member), a Analytical Chemist working at Lihir Gold with Newcrest Mining.

2005 - Jimmy appealed to friends and other Simbus to set up an organisation to help sick and disadvantaged children in Simbu Province. The SCF Constitution was drafted along with Administrative and Financial policies. The regional/city and company Teams concept is approved.

2006 - With barely any funds, volunteers contributed K3000 to host the first ever SCF Christmas BBQ at the Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Hospital in Kundiawa (SJNMH) on 23DEC06.

28 Feb 2006 - SCF incorporated as a charitable Association with Investment Promotion Authority, Papua New Guinea.

2007 - SCF held inaugural Ball at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port Moresby followed by a second Ball and Christmas BBQ in Kundiawa. SCF raised K31,000 after expenses.

2008 - SCF donated K28,000 worth of medical equipment and items to the SJNMH in Kundiawa. This included a electronic bed for premature babies imported from USA. In October a second annual Ball was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel in which His Excellency, Sir Paulius Matane Governor General of PNG officially launched SCF. K45,000 was raised after expenses.

2009 - In May SCF sponsored 4 children to Operation Open Heart from Simbu to Port Moresby. It was sad as one lost the battle but three survived and live a normal health life. This was to date SCF’s greatest achievement fulfilling her purpose “to fund medically ill children who require complex operations, tests or medication not available locally.”

2010 – In June SCF sponsored 4 children and 1 adult to Operation Open Heart. They were ‘Brave Hearts’ 2010. The adult patient was unusual as Abraham did not meet the SCF Constitution requirements and a executive decision was made by Jimmy who took full responsibility.  From 2004-2010 SCF existed without government funding or assistance. SCF members and volunteers raised all funds. That year K13,753 was raised by Team Ok Tedi for SCF. In October that year Team WA sponsored SCF President’s trip to Western Australia for meetings and introduce their team.

2011 - On 23 February a 20ft container of donated goods from Team W.A. arrived in Simbu. The goods ranged from clothes, books, toys etc and were donated by the people of Western Australia to the children of Simbu. Team W.A. sponsored the cost from Perth to Lae. In July 7 Brave Hearts were sponsored by SCF to Operation Open Heart.

2012 – 4 Brave Hearts were recommended and sponsored by SCF for Operation Open Heart.
SCF sponsors research into Osteomyelitis at SJNMH in Kundiawa. K14,000 was invested into this research which commenced in July. The first patient was discharged a couple of months later due to treatment prescribed from the results of this research. This same patient had been hospitalised for 3years.
In December the annual SCF Christmas Ball raised K350,000

2013 - In May Jimmy resigns from his job at Lihir Gold to focus solely on his voluntary work with Simbu Children Foundation with the full support of his wife, family and friends.


9 Bravehearts were sponsored to Operation Open Heart.
In August after further tests, 10yo David James is recommended by the medical team for total heart repair surgery which can only be performed overseas and we needed to raise around K100,000 for the operation. The next few months sees intensive fundraising and networking. K40,000 is raised by Christmas.


The proposal for the mini hydro power project for Irugl Orphanage is completed and forwarded to Hon. Wera Mori, Member for Chuave and Vice-Minister for Mining to consider for funding.

At the Christmas Ball K57,000 is raised.


2014 – In January SCF announces that the outstanding amount for 10yo David James has been secured. SCF Patron Mr Kennedy Wemin applied to the PM O’Neill Foundation on behalf of David, his family and SCF. The application for assistance was approved. David will be the first child SCF has assisted and organised for an overseas medical operation.


In February, there are 1673 SCF volunteers, members and supporters. The active SCF Teams are comprised of volunteers from all over PNG and the world e.g. Team Lihir, Team Hides, Team Port Moresby, Team Western Australia, etc