Medical Research

SCF is the first home grown NGO to fund scientific research. SCF funded the recent Osteomyeolitis research conducted by Dr Hasola, Dr Mungkas and Dr Jaworski at the Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Hospital in Kundiawa in collaboration with the National Research Institute. Growing numbers of children suffer from this debilitating bone condition.


” The research proved to be a success story, the main bacteria that was causing Osteo was identified to be Stefilloccocus Aurious (Super Bug). All results came from Institute of Medical Research (IMR in Goroka) hence when the preliminary results were presented at the recent medical symposium in POM the medical fraternity was impressed. Many children with osteo are now saved after appropriate drugs were identified and applied after the bacteriology study from the research. Before the Osteo research there were many Osteo patients mostly children dying and no one knew what was really causing this dreaded disease Osteomyelitis. The Osteomyelitis Research is expected to be completed by end of December. The target blood cultures is 100 and we have 70 to date and we expect to reach 100 by December. Of this research it is envisaged there will be 3 papers published in some of the world’s recognized medical journals. ” – Jimmy Drekore


The findings have been presented at the PNG medical symposium and to the World Health Organisation (WHO). It will be published in medical journals. This paper will be the first bacteriology study of Osteomyelitis in PNG. Thanks to this research which recommended modifying existing treatment a patient who had been hospitalised 3 years at SJNMH in Kundiawa has recovered, was discharged and is home. Many children have been treated and will go on to lead normal healthy lives. For the first couple weeks of the new modified treatment, the patients required specific dietary needs, which the hospital in Kundiawa could not afford, SCF stepped in and has funded this.