From time to time parents will seek assistance for medical tests etc.If the child is referred by a SCF doctor and meets all other eligibility requirements Jimmy will consider their requests. For example SCF recently paid for airfares and a scan for Jenny Ulka (pictured with her Dad, Peter Ulka and SCF President Jimmy Drekore). Simbu Province does not have a scanning machine.


Another initiative is the Rural Children Emergency Response. Mobiles will be purchased and distributed to rural medics, Aid Post Orderlies (APO). These are remote villages in areas where there are no roads. People walk and carry their sick children for hours or days to the main road and with little or no income, some walk days to the nearest hospital. Should an emergency arise, villagers can contact the APO who will call the SCF office. SCF staff will organise for a Doctor to consult with the APO, parents and patient over the phone. If a emergency air lift is required SCF will organise it. This has already been put into practice in October 2013 when SCF organised for two children to be airlifted from Karamui to Kundiawa.