Irugl Mother Of Life Orphanage

Built at the foot of Mt Wilhelm in 2002 by Dutch missionary Martin van der Palen who lived and worked in the Gembogl area for years. He married Agatha a local Gembogl woman and her dying wish was that Martin help the destitute and neglected children in her area. He built the Orphanage however he is frail and returned to Netherlands.


SCF supports the Orphanage however we can. Martin and Gertrude Tine manage the Orphanage and live on site. It is home to 45 children and there is a elementary school on site, the only one of it’s kind in the country. SCF Team Hides recently dropped off boxes of donated stationary, books and clothes for the kids. Team Divine Word University presented Christmas gifts and cake to the children in December 2013.


The first child ever from the Orphanage to go to University is Komba Bundo. He was accepted into Unitech in Lae in 2013. Martin van der Palen pays for his tuition and books and SCF members contribute for his other expenses.


Professional engineers from SCF Team Lihir have volunteered their own time and expertise to set up a mini hydro power project for the Orphanage so it doesn’t have to rely on purchasing fuel for the generator for power. Special mention to Nagasi Namui from East Sepik/West New Britain heritage who volunteers to make the long trip to Irugl at his own cost to be part of the Hydro Project Team. He is experienced with design and set-up of hydro power projects around the country.


The Hydro Project proposal was recently completed and presented to Hon. Wera Mori, Member for Chuave and Vice-Minister for Mining to consider funding at the SCF Christmas Ball 2013. Thank you to Team Lihir Hydro Project Team below:


Selinia Garap: Fleet Reliability Engineer
Jimmy Drekore: Analytical Chemist
Wau Kua: Mechanical Engineer
John Muka: Business Improvement Specialist
Michael Agum: Consultant
James Taie: Civil/Structural Engineer
Margaret Kore: Project Electrical Engineer
Roger Kaman: Construction Engineer
Richard Dambe: Reservoir Engineer
Gemba Raymond: Electrical Engineer
Mathias Kin: Social Scientist
Edwin Wem: Project Manager